Changing The Way You View Glass Overhead Sectional Doors

Posted by Peter Elsenbach on Aug 15, 2016 11:05:00 AM


Raynor In Commercial Architecture

The attractive new AlumaView® AV300 aluminum doors maximize glass area and completely conceal the reinforcing struts for better aesthetics inside and out.

The industry's first 3-inch aluminum rail and stile sectional doors, AV300 series doors are a perfect choice for police, ambulance and fire stations, automotive showrooms, restaurants, marinas, sports facilities and other commercial buildings where maximum glass area is desired. Along with offering a clean new design option, these doors are also wind load certified and impact rated up to 18' 2" wide. (Florida approved FL15212, +43/-48 PSF). Door widths up to 24 feet can also be specified for other applications.

The secret to all this rugged strength and impressive panorama of glass is actually in what you don't see. Instead of a bulky reinforcing truss applied to the interior surface of the door, the AV300 U-bar truss is placed inside the rail, completely hidden to keep building interiors clean and uncluttered. With that integral reinforcement, the doors complement your building's interior design by removing an unsightly projection that is standard with other overhead doors specified for similar uses.


To fine-tune the aesthetics even further, the doors can be specified with any of 7 anodized finishes as well as up to 187 ArmorBrite™ powdercoat colors to coordinate with other glazing in the building design. Window selections include impact resistant, tempered, tinted, double-pane insulated, acrylic or polycarbonate in a variety of thicknesses and surfaces. Tracks and rollers are also offered in our premium white EnduraCote™ finish as well as galvanized.

Make a distinctive statement in commercial projects with this unique combination of wind load rated strength plus clean, full view door design that you can use in more types of buildings than you may have considered before.