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Posted by Peter Elsenbach on Oct 14, 2015 11:00:00 AM



At the trendy Rockford, Illinois Alchemy Artisan Pizza eatery, billed as the community’s first “convertible” restaurant, Raynor AlumaView® doors form a complete, moving front wall of the business. Adding seasonal flexibility and a sophisticated touch of style, this application represents a growing trend to specify garage doors in some very unique commercial spaces.

Alchemy owners are able to open the doors during warmer months and hours, then close them in too-breezy, too-hot or chilly weather. Guests enjoy an open air patio feel with the doors up, and cozy year-round dining with doors down.


“Doors up” at the Alchemy Artisan Pizza, Rockford, Illinois

Alchemy’s unique atmosphere is right in step with the owner’s goal of re-imagining the dining experience. Guests are always fascinated when the doors are repositioned to change the atmosphere and keep everyone comfortable.


“Doors down” to maintain an open air ambiance all year round.

The pizza establishment formerly was a summer-only patio restaurant, located outdoors along the south front facing side of a larger complex that also includes a fine dining restaurant (Giovanni’s), a bar (Big Al’s) and an 8500 square foot convention center. With Alchemy’s attractive new glass doors and a remodel of the restaurant’s interior, the architect was able to incorporate the open air feel while maintaining the building’s overall aesthetics. 

The architect, Rockford Associates, Inc., utilized five Raynor AlumaView™ 10 ft high doors with 1/8-inch tempered bronze glass. Four of the doors are 20 ft wide and one is 12 ft wide. For structural stability and low maintenance, the doors are constructed with 2-inch framing that is coated in dark bronze anodized finish, one of seven anodized finishes available. Raynor also offers a selection of 187 ArmorBrite™ powder coat colors.


Popular Option: Low-E Glass

For full view garage doors like the Raynor AlumaView series, specifying Low-E Glass can be an important consideration, just as it is when planning windows in buildings with large glass exposure. When combined with insulated door panels, as is easily done with Raynor’s flexible system, Low-E glass also becomes an extra measure of insulation to maintain the integrity of a LEED-inspired building design. In all-season rooms such indoor/outdoor restaurants as well as in multi-purpose spaces that America’s garages have become, low-E glass is making it possible for architects to use garage doors in more places to add unique functionality, aesthetics and comfort for building occupants.


How does Low-E Work? 

Low-E glass is an ideal solution for long-term exposure to high temperatures while providing a radiant barrier from the sun. As a brief primer on the subject, think of Emissivity as a value based on the ratio of heat emitted compared to a black material, expressed on a scale of 0 to 1. In this scale, a solid black material has an emissivity of 1 and a perfect reflector such as a mirror has a value of 0.


For application in garage doors, Low-E glass is manufactured with metal oxide coatings on one or more surfaces for reflectance. These coatings have the effect of reflecting radiant infrared energy while letting visible light pass. In the winter, radiant heat originating from indoors is reflected back inside. In summer, infrared heat radiation from the sun is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside and also protecting interior furnishings from sun damage. Low-E glass for Raynor garage doors is fabricated as insulated glass in two layers, boosting thermal insulation to approximately 3.50 R value compared to 0.85 R Value for standard single pane glass.


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