10 Cool Things You Can Do With a Raynor MyQ™ Enabled Garage Door Opener

The ability to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world is certainly an amazing feature of MyQ™ controlled garage door openers. Perhaps it was that cool new feature that first attracted us to the technology. But did you know about these other emerging capabilities for security, peace of mind and possibly “just because I can” convenience?

The latest MyQ functions are truly adding up faster than you can say “Hey, Siri, close the garage door.”

If you aren’t familiar with MyQ openers by Raynor, we’re speaking primarily of garage door openers that are WiFi controlled using the MyQ app. You can download the MyQ app for free and pair it with your Raynor MyQ-enabled openers. Once it is activated on your smartphone or tablet, you can begin controlling the door and monitoring a number of other functions within the app. Voice control is also possible with compatible smart home devices such as Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

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Bringing all of this together for garage doors, MyQ leads the way in this technology.  Here are a few highlighted features we love:

Cool Feature 1. Video monitoring of your garage.

Sentinel Opener with Camera

Our newest MyQ enabled opener, the Sentinel™, is equipped with a video camera that has similar capabilities to that of doorbell cameras that are so popular today. The Sentinel’s camera lets you stay connected to what’s happening in your garage when you aren’t there.

Using the app, you can see who is coming and going whenever the door is opened and closed. Recording begins when motion is detected, even at night thanks to built-in night vision. This opener is also equipped with 2-way audio for real-time communication.

All Raynor openers with MyQ connectivity can also be upgraded to include video capabilities with a smart garage camera.

Cool Feature 2. Extra Lighting Control.


Bright new LED illumination modules are now available from Raynor for separate mounting anywhere in your garage and controlled through your garage door opener. In addition to providing extra visibility in those dark corners when you exit your car, the lighting can be turned on and off with the app.

Heading out to the garage with your hands full? Turn on the lights before you go.

Hear someone or something suspicious in the garage? Turn on the lights to let ’em know you are “watching.”

Cool Feature 3. Real Time Alerts.

You can set your app to notify you when the garage door opens and closes so you know when loved ones come and go.

Cool Feature 4. Amazon In-Garage Deliveries.

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Available to Amazon Prime members in an expanding area of the country, the Amazon Key program lets you authorize Amazon to open your garage door for a secure delivery. As delivery time approaches, Amazon verifies the package belongs to your address and when it is near the door, the door is opened automatically for the driver. It closes after a short time as well. You receive alerts upon delivery while keeping your packages safe and dry. With our new Raynor Sentinel opener incorporating video, you can also see when packages are delivered.

Check availability of this service in your area.

Cool Feature 5. Pre-set close times.

Never worry again if you have inadvertently left the garage door open. You can set it to close automatically at a pre-set time any day of the week.

Cool Feature 6. Scheduled lighting.

Same as above, you can also use the MyQ app to set when you’d like the garage opener lights to turn on/off independently of the door’s operation. That can include automatic operation of supplementary LED lights noted in #2 above.

Cool Feature 7. Invite Guest Use.

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Invite up to 3 guests to control your myQ connected doors and lights using their own myQ app and secure login. Consider how much more convenient it would be for parents, caregivers or any others you would like to have access. (Not intended for children under age 13.)

Cool Feature 8. Integrate With Home Automation Systems.

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The list of MyQ smart partners is growing rapidly. With a few setup steps in the apps, you can begin monitoring and controlling your garage door through popular platforms such as Apple® Homekit, Xfinity®, Wink®, Alarm.com and more to come. Use voice commands to open and close your door. Check activity of all devices, all in one app. Or, for further flexibility, add selected other devices to your MyQ app to control them there.

Cool Feature 9. Customize Your Notifications.

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As with many well-planned apps, MyQ notifications can be set to your personal preferences. If you’d like to have alerts pop up on your smart phone, even when it is locked, that is easily done. Notifications can be customized as well, ranking the type of notices you wish to see now vs later when manually checking the app. For example, receive alerts only when the door is left open for a certain period of time.

Cool Feature 10. Remote Operation.

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Yes, that original capability to open/close your door from afar is still pretty cool and is deserving to be on our top ten list. You’ll know what we mean if you ever realize (or wonder if) you’ve forgotten to close your home’s garage door just as you are climbing on an airplane. Cool indeed.

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