Which Do You Prefer: A Double Garage Door? Or Two Single Doors?

Posted by Peter Elsenbach on Aug 6, 2019 8:30:00 AM

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The answer depends on a few related matters such as the architecture of your home, its street facing direction, the width of the garage and if you are applying doors to a new garage or retrofitting an existing one which may already have a center post. Like other choices in home design, there are many advantages with either option.

We should first say that both configurations can be very attractive. We've seen many very distinctive installations involving all of our popular door styles such as Rockcreeke™, Aspen Series™ and others. With Raynor double or single doors and the way we can make them available, you also have the flexibility to specify any of the features you may prefer such as wood tones and special colors, extra large glass windows, insulation, hardware accents and even reinforced Hurricane Ready™ doors.


Where Single Doors Can Be Applied

Garages with two single doors will typically need to be at least 22 to 24 feet wide so that the door openings are large enough for your vehicles. If you have a service door on the front of the garage, the width will need to increase accordingly, at least another 4 to 5 feet.

Single Garage Door


Pluses and Minuses of Single Doors

Advantages of single doors include the obvious ability to open just one at a time. Perhaps you have some storage, gym equipment, a boat, bikes or other items you'd like to conceal on one side of the garage. With single doors, you can more easily control what neighbors and passers-by can see and not see.

For many families, the garage door serves as the most frequent entrance to the home (used more often than the front door). With two garage doors, if one is out of service, you still have the other door to get in and out.

Opening just one single door also limits intrusion of wind and cold. On blustery winter days, that advantage is perhaps most noticeable. If you heat or air-condition your garage, there are definite cost savings to consider as well. And those cost savings may extend somewhat to your home energy costs if you have an attached garage. See related article: Should you opt for an insulated garage door?

Disadvantages of single doors primarily relate to initial investment and ongoing maintenance. You'll have two doors to install with two openers and twice the number of torsion springs and tracks. Still, if you like the aesthetics or other aspects of single doors, these considerations may be lower on your priority list.


When A Double Garage Door Makes Sense

Raynor RockCreeke Garage Door

Whether used in combination with a single door (as in a triple garage), or in a regular-size two-car garage, a double door is generally lower in cost than two singles and does not restrict free movement in and out of the garage.

Perhaps you like to back your car or boat into the garage. A double door makes that somewhat easier. One vehicle can also be pulled in at an angle and positioned closer to a side wall when needed for car door clearance. That may be tougher to do with single doors, depending upon spacing.

One misconception about double doors is that they require a higher-horsepower opener. That isn't necessarily true. Your garage door springs do most of the work. The springs may need to be larger, or at least adjusted with more tension for a double door.

For new garage construction, there are potentially some savings in labor and materials for the post or short wall section that is placed between two single doors. But as we say that, our dealers continue to report many instances of homeowners removing that post and beefing up the header so they can go with a double door. It's obviously a matter of personal choice and how you use your garage.

Double doors, on the other hand, do create more exposure to outside weather. And they are more prominent as an architectural element.


Regardless of what you have now or may be planning for your new garage, you can preview different garage door visual styling by using our free Design-a-Door online visualizer.  On that web page, there are also several examples of singles and doubles in the image gallery for inspiration. You can take any of them, or upload a photo of your home, then insert different door images to help you refine your preferences.


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