New FlexFit™ Dock Doors Can Take a Hit, Reducing Repair Costs and Saving Energy

Posted by Peter Elsenbach on Sep 28, 2015 10:00:00 AM


With their ability to absorb moderate to severe impacts in a busy warehouse dock, new FlexFit™ FF-175 commercial doors are a smart specification for repair cost savings alone. But the advantages of this new sandwich-constructed thermal door series merely start there, especially for facilities that are concerned about reducing the costs of energy.

The new FlexFit door system, available in sizes up to 20’ wide x 12’ tall, is designed with rugged, flexible sections combining a 1/8” fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) exterior skin, a one-piece polyethylene extruded interior panel and a thermal polystyrene core insulation layer. Download specifications here. When struck by a pallet or other accidental impact, the door sections flex rather than dent and bend like conventional metal doors.

Watch this demonstration video: FlexFit vs Conventional Steel Doors.


As shown in the video, a conventional steel dock door can be severely dented by that same impact, potentially defeating the door’s ability to open and close. The dock itself may even be completely out of service for a time while new door parts are ordered.

With the FlexFit impact absorbing system, any repair needs resulting from an especially big hit will most likely be isolated to hardware such as rollers or hinges. That is by design so that repairs can be made quickly and inexpensively with parts that are commonly stocked on Raynor dealer service trucks.

Rugged_track_and_rollersThose end rollers and tracks are constructed of extra heavy-duty, commercial grade 3-inch roller assemblies and tracks. They are paired with 12-gauge galvanized steel end stiles on each section to provide a solid mounting surface and overall strength. With all of these rugged design features, FlexFit doors can play a key role in helping to keep docks in service longer, ­a huge consideration for facility owners and managers.

For energy savings, the doors also work 24:7 to maintain a tight seal against heat loss and moisture, helping to improve ROI. In addition to polystyrene core insulation, the doors are engineered with Raynor premium weather seals -- fabric reinforced EPDM astragal seals on the bottom and sides plus a dual durometer flexible header seal.

Also Think FlexFit Doors for Dock Safety

Keeping the cold, rain and snow out and the floors dry is an important factor for safety as well. Slip-and-fall injuries continue to grow in frequency of reported industrial accidents. Dock areas are a particular area of focus as companies strive to make their work places safer. According to US Department of Labor reports, transportation and warehousing are among industries experiencing the most fall-related injuries. Particularly high is the incidence of injuries reported for truck drivers.

Dock areas are known to be slippery at times, made worse if the door has been damaged to the extent that door panels no longer seal properly along the bottom and sides.

If you have a project coming up that involves dock doors, please connect with your Raynor Regional Sales Manager to explore the complete range of options available. In addition to the new FlexFit door system, Raynor also manufactures steel sectional doors in sizes up to 40’ x 32’ as well as systems for hurricane-prone areas.



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