Why Is My Garage Door So Heavy To Lift?

Posted by Peter Elsenbach on Jun 4, 2019 8:30:00 AM

 Make lifting easier with new garage door drums

If you have a large garage door with windows and other heavy features such as insulation, you may already know that it can be hard to lift by hand. That is particularly true if the garage door drums and springs aren't the right type and adjusted properly. Perhaps you deal with that every day if you have a manual opening door. Or when the electricity goes out, even a power-operated door can be just as great a struggle.

To save your back and also give you more confidence when lifting the door, there is a new type of garage door drum mechanism that literally takes the weight off.

What's A Drum?

The drum is that round metal wheel mounted at the far left and right of the shaft above the door (as you view it from inside the garage). Though drums may look pretty simple in concept, there are actually many types and designs used in garage door installations. Each type has its purpose. Working with the springs and cables, drums provide correct lift throughout the door's motion. The drums used on lighter weight single doors are quite different than those used on heavy double doors.


TruBalance garage door drums by Raynor

Raynor TruBalance™ garage door drum system

The new TruBalance™ drum system is designed to reduce and even out the lifting force needed as the top, heavier glass section travels up the tracks. The effect is like magic. Suddenly you are Superman (or Supergirl), and the door opens much more easily to get you out and on the road.

With TruBalance drums, the door stays in balance throughout its travel, up to 87% better balanced in open and close motion than with standard drums. The door doesn't fly up when you lift it. And it won't crash down when you are closing it.

Another advantage is how the TruBalance system reduces wear and tear on automatic openers. Less strain means longer motor life, saving repair and replacement expense. Did you know? In many homes, the garage door is the main access point for the family. In such active homes, the door might be used more than 1500 times a year. (That's a lot of lifting demands on the operator, human or mechanical.)

If you are considering a new garage door with windows and other heavy components, ask your Raynor dealer to include TruBalance drums in the design proposal. This great new system can also be retrofit on many existing garage doors.

Got a heavy door? To find out if this modification makes sense for you, contact your area Raynor dealer.



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