Go Large With Your Garage Door Window Styling

Posted by Peter Elsenbach on Apr 17, 2018 8:30:00 AM

Raynor LuxeVue garage door windows

Skinny top windows are out. Bolder and larger window treatments are in as Raynor’s stylish new Aspen Series garage doors can be fitted with any of 16 different LuxeVue™ window designs to punch up the curb appeal of your home.

Whether you are replacing existing doors or deciding on a garage door style for a new home you are building, one big new change is in how Aspen Series doors can be configured with a 20% taller top panel to make dramatic glass effects possible.

LuxeVue vs Standard Windows

With that larger top panel, you can select windows that coordinate closely with other windows in your home. Perhaps you have arched, eyebrow-shaped windows that are a defining look for your home’s architecture. With the larger window designs available in the Aspen LuxeVue series, carrying that distinctive touch on through to the garage door is now very easy to accomplish.

Does your home have large multi-pane windows?

Aspen LuxeVue 4-Over-4 Pane

With the limitations of old slim-style garage door windows, the pane “spacing” may have been too small to make your garage look like it belongs with the rest of your house. The extra 20% LuxeVue top panel height, roughly 4 inches added, makes a huge difference by expanding the pane spacing for better visual harmony.


Your Raynor dealer can suggest several options in multi-pane effects to consider from a wide selection of arched, peakview and square window shapes. The choices are also easily customized further with Raynor clear and obscure (satin) glass options, standard or insulated.

LuxeVue Clear Glass  LuxeVue Obscure Glass   

Clear and obscure (satin) glass options.

Along with introducing dramatic new looks in garage door windows, the Aspen Series also ushers in a new standard in steel surface textures that are now more highly defined for overall visual character. Made with Raynor's exclusive Neufoam™ polyurethane insulation system, the doors are also different on the inside. The interior cavity of each panel is effectively filled 100% for 18.0 R-value in Aspen 2-inch thick doors and 13.0 R-value in the 1-3/8” thick models.

Another advance is Raynor’s proprietary WeatherLock™ section joint design. In addition to providing further protection against the cold and heat, the interlocking joint gives the door full end-to-end strength, lasting longer in garages that are opened and closed frequently.

For a preview of how a new Aspen door will look on your home, call your local Raynor dealer to see a computer-generated simulation. Or try it yourself using our Design-A-Door visualizer tool.



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