How A Professional Garage Door Dealer Can Help You Make An Intelligent Purchase Decision.

If you are considering a new garage door or opener, there are plenty of options out there for product selections as well as local dealers and installers. We might suggest that quality of the installation and the ongoing service offered by your local dealer should be among the most important factors to consider, right along with the quality and styling of the door system.

Starting with a reputable dealer will ensure that you are getting professional advice on all aspects of the purchase. Your Raynor dealer is first and foremost the exclusive place to go for Raynor door quality and styling. Raynor’s Aspen Series™ steel door line is among newest door choices available only at our dealers. Aspen Series™ is offered in 24 door designs, a choice of wood grain textures and superior 18 R-value insulation.

New Aspen Series™ Steel Doors Are Available In A Wide Range of Styles, Textures and Colors


With Raynor dealers, you’ll also be working with an established local source that will stand behind the installation for as long as you own your home.

A garage door is the largest moving object in most homes. Raynor dealers have well-trained sales associates that will come to your home and explain all of the options available to make sure the door you select will perform safely and reliably as well as meet your expectations for aesthetics, insulation and other quality factors. In addition to decisions about door style and color, there are many things to think about:

  1. Proper sizing of the door to the opening

Surprisingly, there is great variability in garage opening widths and heights. Getting those sizes right for your garage may require a custom order which your Raynor dealer can easily arrange for you.

  1. Expert planning of the garage door tracks and rails

Another detail your Raynor dealer will take care of for you is to note if there are any unusual requirements for how the door will be supported. For example, how much clearance is there between the door opening and the ceiling? Is there a good, solid header above the opening for a secure installation, or must that be reinforced?

  1. Getting the order correct

In any home project, there are numerous details to plan when ordering building materials. Among the more complex materials to specify, garage doors involve several components. If anything is ordered incorrectly or overlooked, there can be delays in getting your door installation completed in a timely fashion.

Raynor dealers have an established checklist that must be followed for every order. That process is designed to avoid delays and get every part delivered to your home. Openers will come with the proper horsepower to handle the weight of the door you’ve ordered. The door will be the style and color you selected. And any accessories you’ve chosen such as windows and trim hardware will be included and looking great. In the remote chance that something comes up that wasn’t anticipated, chances are very high that your Raynor dealer will have that detail covered with parts that he has on the truck or at his dealership.

  1. Worry-free installation

When the installation day comes, you will know who will be doing the work and when. What a comfort that will be!

In contrast, if you order a door system from a big box store or other source that doesn’t specialize in garage doors, a general handyman or independent contractor will be rolling up to your home. That person may be seeing your garage for the first time, may not have everything needed, follow accepted practices or be available to you later if there are problems after the installation.

Raynor dealers follow installation guidelines set by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). To be certified according to those industry standards, dealers must pass comprehensive study courses and written examinations. In addition, Raynor provides its dealers the opportunity to take part in hands-on training programs at the Raynor Academy in Illinois where the full gamut of Raynor residential as well as commercial door systems are available for training.

Some things you can count on when your Raynor door installation takes place:

  • A Raynor-identified installer will perform your installation, not a third party.
  • The components used will be as you ordered and expected.
  • The installation will be done to Raynor standards: The tracks, rails and opener will be securely mounted, the door will open and close smoothly, and the entire assembly will fit properly to seal out the weather.
  • A series of system checks will be performed to ensure that safety eyes and other door operating functions meet Raynor standards.
  • The installer will clean up after the work, removing any packaging and other clutter.
  1. Confidence in using your new door and opener

Before leaving the job, your installer will offer to spend some time with you going over your new door and opener so that you are confident about how everything works. The installer can also help you program the remote controls as well as pair the opener with your vehicles. If you aren’t available when the installer is there, someone else from the dealer can come out at a more convenient time that works for you.

Please take advantage of that free orientation and also remember to register your Raynor warranty.

Other Raynor Dealer Advantages

Finally as we think about the advantages of working with a garage door professional, your local Raynor dealer will be available for service when your door and opener may need routine maintenance or repairs in the future. If you’ve ever had a garage door spring break, preventing you from opening the door so that you can get to your destination, you may know a little about how important it is to work with a responsive dealer.

We recommend annual inspections and lubrication to extend the operating life of your door system and keep it working safely.

To connect with a local dealer and take full advantage all of this great expertise, search the Raynor dealer directory or schedule a service call.

Should you repair or replace your garage door? Download this free guide for some quick tips on how to determine if your garage door can be repaired cost effectively or if it should be replaced.

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